Anyone who plans a corporate event or is active with an association knows that to pull together a successful event it requires specialized knowledge, skills and creativity. Every event you organize must not only be successful, but equal to or better than the last. Let us help relieve that pressure.

Q: Why should we outsource our association/foundation management?

A: Most associations and foundations are comprised of volunteers. It is very taxing on a volunteer's time to take care of day-to-day business affairs of the organization. They have a full-time job and therefore many organization tasks are put aside until they can devote uninterrupted time. At Meeting Coordinators, Inc., you and your organization are our job and our focal interest. Our goal day after day is to improve your organization. Organization business needs to be conducted during the normal 8-5 business day and we have the manpower to do it. Taking away the administrative duties allows your volunteers to focus on what they like best about the organization - the networking and peer-to-peer interaction which they can do as a normal function of their job.

Q: Why should you coordinate our meeting? Can't we do it better ourselves in-house?

​A: At Meeting Coordinators, Inc. our expertise is running quality meetings. We have over 30 years of experience in planning hundreds of meetings to bring to the coordination of your event. We know what works, thus saving you the cost of trial and error. Your in-house staff can focus solely on the job they were hired to do and not have to handle a meeting as an extra responsibility. We are hired to act as an extension of them - not to replace them.

Q: How will you save us costs, when you charge for your services?

A: Every meeting has a budget and our job is to work within that budget. Timelines will be drafted and goals will be established. With our network of resources, we know pricing and negotiate the best services at the best price. Our suppliers have a long-term record with us and provide prices to back that up.

Q: Will we be treated uniquely?

A: We do not view these projects as single entities, but rather as a continuation of our commitment to develop long-term relationships with our clients. We are flexible, service-oriented and dedicated to offering our clients the most smoothly run association or event.